iPad新附件:颈部除皱霜 A new iPad accessory… cream to bani

It is one of the downsides of the technological age...the premature wrinkling around the neck suffered by those who constantly look down at their smartphones and tablets.



But beauty experts have come up with the answer to combat the sagging skin and creases of so-called 'Tech Neck' – a £65 cream.



YSL Beaute has created two products that use a special molecule to combat the loss of elasticity in the skin around the body's Y-Zone – the lower face, throat and decolletage.

圣罗兰美容公司(YSL Beaute)发明了两款产品,使用特殊分子恢复Y型区域皮肤弹性,包括面部下半部分、喉咙和颈部。


It claims its Forever Youth Liberator Y.Shape cream impregnates the skin with millions of micro-droplets, creating a cushion that smooths and plumps the skin. Tech Neck wrinkles are most often found in those aged 18 to 39 who have an average of three digital devices and peer at their screens up to 150 times a day, say experts.

公司称他们的年轻妍活修复系列Y型霜(Forever Youth Liberator Y.Shape cream)向皮肤输送了数以百万计的微小液滴,形成可以使皮肤光滑丰满的保护层。


But this speeds up the loss of elasticity that would normally occur at middle age, while a constant downward gaze adds further lines and creases around the chin and neck.



Meanwhile, the company's Y.shape 'concentrate' product apparently restores the skin's elasticity to lift the area, re-plump the skin and boost lost volume.



YSL claims one single application of the £65 product increases skin elasticity by nearly a third and skin firmness by 13 per cent.



Dr Christopher Rowland Payne, consultant dermatologist at The London Clinic, said 'The problem of wrinkles and sagging of the jowls and neck used to begin in late middle age.

伦敦诊所的皮肤科顾问医生克里斯多夫·罗兰·佩恩(Christopher Rowland Payne)博士表示,“面颊和颈部皮肤松弛和出现皱纹的现象通常在中老年时期出现。”


'But in the last ten years, because of 'Tech Neck', it has become a problem for a generation of younger women.



'Neck skin is exposed to sun every day because of low necklines, especially in women, but people are less inclined to think of protecting their necks than their faces.



'If they do, they often apply insufficient cream on their necks to avoid getting it on their clothes.'




(翻译:xinxin10 编辑:陈丹妮)






Your Name 姓名

Address 联系地址

Email 电子邮箱

Contact phone 电话号码

▌Objective 求职目标 (可选)



● Full-time position as a financial analyst


▌Qualificaitons 任职资格 (可选)






o    相关工作经历的工作年限,尤其注明其中学到的技能

o    与该职位直接相关的重要成就

o    求职者本人与职位相关的性格或品质



● Well-honed research, writing and copyediting skills, with meticulous attention to detail



● Creative thinker who enjoys coming up with new and different ideas



● Social Media experience in Weibo, WeChat, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook



●  Strong work ethic, with ability to work well under tight timelines


▌Education 教育背景




University 学校名称

Bachelor of Arts/Science 文学/科学学士

Name of Major 专业名称

Graduation date: Mo/Yr 毕业时间:月/年

Minor or Concentration 副修或专修  

Overall GPA and/or Major GPA 整体GPA成绩/专业课GPA

Coursework 相关课程


Tsinghua University 清华大学

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering (GPA: 3.64), July 2016

土木工程科学学士(GPA: 3.64),2016年7月毕业

▌Experience 工作经历



o    最好分要点来描述,比段落更吸引眼球

o    以动词开头,使用形容词来进行强调

o    点出某一成就来证明你在某领域的技能

o    你如何使用该技能解决某一具体问题

o    用案例证明你使用这一技能对公司、上司或同事产生了积极影响



Investment Intern


BAE Financial Services, May – August 2015


●  Developed and implemented financial plans for individuals, businesses, and organizations by utilizing knowledge of tax and investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans, and real estate



●  Prepared and submitted client’s financial plan documentation; maintained contact with client, revising plan as required to reflect modified client needs or financial market changes



●  Conducted research on various investment products to recommend the most suitable ones to clients



▌Leadership 领导能力




o    介绍你所自豪的某个项目,要与求职目标相关

o    提供可量化的成果来显示你的技能

o    奖项、出版物等以证明你的成就


Campus Ambassador, Outreach Department



● Helped coordinate outreach programs for high school students, setting up events, scheduling staff and communicating details to managers.



● Gave weekly tours to 50+ visitors at a time.



▌Volunteer 志愿者经历




Volunteer, Urgent Care


San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco



● Using care and compassion, assist healthcare providers and nursing staff with patient care



● Direct patients and their families to specific departments of the hospital, answering questions 



● Monitor the health conditions of patients in the waiting room and report any dangerous changes in the health or behaviors of the patients to nurses



▌Additional skills & interests





Proficient in…在某方面十分专业

Fluent in...能流利使用某种语言



Computer: MATLAB Programming, MS Office Suite, C++, HTML



Language: Fluent in Spanish



Interests: Avid vocalist, painter and photographer













achieve  取得;获得;实现expand 发展improve 改善pioneer 开辟;倡导;提倡reduce (losses) 减少(损失)resolve (problems) 解决(问题)restore  恢复;修复spearhead 带头;做先锋transform 转换;改变operationalize  使开始运转;实施;使用于操作






administer  管理;执行 
analyze 分析assign 分配;指派attain  达到,实现;获得chair 主持consolidate 巩固,加强contract 订约coordinate 调整;整合;协调delegate 委派…为代表develope 发展direct 指导;指挥evaluate 评价;估价execute 实行;执行improve 改善increase 增加organize 组织oversee 监督,审查plan 计划prioritize  把…区分优先次序produce 生产recommend 推荐review 回顾schedule 安排,计划strengthen 加强supervise 监督






address 向…致辞;与…说话;提出;处理arbitrate 仲裁;公断arrange  安排;协商author 创作出版collaborate 合作convince 说服,使相信correspond 符合,一致;相应;通信develope 发展directe 指导draft 起草edit 编辑enlist 支持formulate 规划influence 影响interpret 说明lecture 训诫;教训mediate  调解;斡旋moderate 节制;减轻negotiate 谈判,商议persuade 说服promote 宣传publicize 宣传;公布reconcile 使一致;使和解;调停,调解recruit 补充;聘用;征募;使…恢复健康speak 说translate 翻译write 写






clarify 澄清;阐明collect  收集critique  批判;评论diagnose  诊断;断定evaluate 评估examine 检查extract 提取;取出identify 确定,识别inspect  检查;视察;检阅interpret 解释,说明interview 采访;面谈investigate 研究organize 组织reviewe 回顾summarize 总结survey 调查systematize 系统化






assemble 聚集;装配;收集build 构建calculate 评估compute 计算,估算design 设计devise  设计;想出;发明engineer 设计;建造fabricate  制造maintain 维持operate 操作;经营overhaul 分解检查,大修;追上并超过programme 编程序;规划;拟…计划remodel 改造;改变repair 修理,修复solve 解决upgrade 使升级;提升;改良品种



adapt 适应advise 建议clarify 阐明coach 训练;指导communicate 交流coordinate 调整;整合demystify 阐明;启发develop 发展enable 使能够,使成为可能encourage 鼓励evaluate 评估explain 解释,说明facilitate  促进;帮助guide 指导inform 通知instruct 指导persuade 说服set goals 确立目标stimulate 激励train 训练



administer  管理;执行allocate 分配;指定analyze 分析appraise 评估audit 审计balance 平衡budget 安排,预定;编预算calculate 计算compute 计算develop 发展forecast 预测manage 管理market 做买卖plan 计划project 设计;计划research 研究




act 行动conceptualize 使概念化create 创造customize 定做,按客户具体要求制造design 设计develop 开发direct 指导establish 建立fashion 使用;改变;做成…的形状found 成立illustrate 阐明initiate 开始,创始;发起institute  开始(调查);制定;创立integrate  使…完整;使…成整体introduce 介绍;引进invent 发明;创造originate 引起;创作perform 执行;完成plan 计划revitalize 使…复活;使…复兴shape 形成



assess 评估assist 协助clarify 阐明coach 训练,指导counsel 建议;劝告demonstrate 阐释,阐明diagnose 判断educate 培养;训练expedite 加快;促进facilitate 促进,帮助familiarize 使熟悉guide 指导motivate 激励refer 委托;使…求助于rehabilitate  使康复;使恢复名誉;使恢复原状represent 代表


最近,“友谊的小船说翻就翻”("friend ship" sinks)系列漫画走红社交网络。




 when you have a journalist friend and ask them to have a meal the next day, and they respond that they have to finish a news report first, the "friend ship" sinks. ..


 when your friend is a teacher and ask if they want to have a meal today and they say "I have schoolwork to do", the "friend ship" sinks.


China Daily也出了自己的系列,请你们来感受下...




【分手篇】1. It's over. 


2. We are history. 


3. We are done here. 


4. We are not seeing each other any more. 


5. We broke up. 


6. We split up. 


7. Our relationship is over. 


8. We are strangers now. 


9. I gave up on him. 


10. We said good-bye to each other. 



【挽留篇】1. Don't leave me, please.


2. Can we give it one more try?


3. I can't live without you.


4. I can't stand losing you.


5. I'll change, I promise.


6. I won't hurt you anymore.


7. My life would be miserable without you.


8. Please give me one more chance.


9. Don't you know how much I love you?


10. I know it's all my fault. I'll never break your heart again. Please forgive me.


刘沧龙分享:逗比求职者“业余爱好”笑翻HR Bosses warn hapless jobseek

Hapless jobseekers are listing sleeping, watching TV and even browsing Facebook on their CVs, according to a poll.



The pointless pastimes listed as 'outside interests' also include making milkshakes, online dating and eating takeaways.



Bosses said applicants risk being laughed out of the job market and should spend their spare time picking up more useful skills.



Updating Facebook was named the worst interest on CVs in a survey of 1,000 HR specialists.



Shopping and playing with pets came next, followed by going out with friends, sleeping and watching TV.



Eating, collecting random objects, texting and being a Harry Potter fan completed the top ten.



The poll was carried out by the Army Reserve.

此次调查由英国陆军预备队(Army Reserve)发起。


Major-General Ranald Munro, the British Army's senior reservist, said: 'This research has revealed that many Brits aren't spending their free time taking part in worthwhile activities that can help them stand out from the crowd and benefit them in the workplace.

英国陆军(British Army)高级预备役军人、少将拉纳尔德·芒罗(Ranald Munro)称:“这项研究表明,很多英国人没有把业余时间花在有价值的活动上,而有价值的业余爱好可以让脱颖而出,也能帮助大家在职场获益。”


刘沧龙分享:男人女人都喜欢看什么电视节目? New figures reveal the most

If you have ever fought over the TV remote with your partner, you are in good company – the whole nation is, apparently, having a similar battle.



In fact, it seems men and women disagree over almost everything on the box, according to the first detailed analysis breaking down viewing habits by gender.



It showed that men – perhaps unsurprisingly – spent much of the year glued to sports.



Apart from a single episode of Sherlock on New Year’s Day, the ten biggest male TV audiences were for World Cup football matches, with England’s clash against Italy in June top of the list with 8.2million watching. 

除了在新年播出的一集《神探夏洛克》(Sherlock)以外,最受英国男观众喜爱的十大电视节目都是世界杯(World Cup)足球赛,其中六月的一场英国对意大利的比赛收视率最高,有820万人观看。


Women, meanwhile, preferred shows about cookery and childbirth.



The Great British Bake Off final in October got the biggest female audience of the year, with 7.8million tuning in, compared with 4.8million men.

今年十月《英国家庭烘焙大赛》(The Great British Bake Off)的决赛获得了最多女性观众的支持,有780万左右,相比之下男性观众只有480万。


Bake Off and the BBC drama Call The Midwife accounted for nine of the top ten female audiences of the year, with Strictly Come Dancing also among their favourites.

烘焙大赛和BBC电视剧《呼叫助产士》(Call The Midwife)占了年度最受女性欢迎的十大电视节目中的九个席位,此外《舞动奇迹》(Strictly Come Dancing)也备受她们喜爱。


Even within genres, men and women are at odds. 



The figures, compiled by the research company Attentional, show women’s favourite soap was Coronation Street on ITV, while men narrowly preferred the BBC’s grittier EastEnders.

根据Attention公司的调查数据显示,女性最喜爱的肥皂剧是在英国独立电视台(ITV)播出的《加冕街》(Coronation Street),而男性只喜欢BBC的电视剧常青树《伦敦东区》(EastEnders)。


The top TV dramas for men were those featuring crime and intrigue, such as Sherlock and Doctor Who, or swashbuckling action, such as BBC1’s The Musketeers.

有关犯罪和悬疑的电视剧是男观众的首选,比如《神探夏洛克》和《神秘博士》(Doctor Who);或者是惊险刺激的动作片,比如BBC一台播出的《火枪手》(The Musketeers)。


With 300,000 more male than female fans, Doctor Who was the only mainstream drama to score more highly overall with men than women, who generally watch more TV.



For drama, women preferred the gentler historical charms of Call The Midwife and Downton Abbey.

而女性偏爱《呼叫助产士》和《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)这类富有历史魅力的电视剧。


One of the few things men and women agreed on was that Graham Norton was the best chat show host.

男人和女人在某些方面仍有共识,其中之一就是格雷厄姆·诺顿(Graham Norton)是最优秀的聊天节目主持人。


For men, the best Saturday night entertainment show of the year was Britain’s Got Talent on ITV, while among women it was the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

对于男观众来说,周六晚最棒的娱乐节目就是英国独立电视台的《英国达人秀》(Britain’s Got Talent),但女观众最想看BBC的《舞动奇迹》。


刘沧龙分享:英国准妈妈流行发“胎儿自拍”让网友猜测性别 Rise in pregnant wome

Pregnant women are taking the selfie craze to a new level by posting pictures of their 12-week scan online for friends to predict the sex.



A poll by parenting site Netmums found a third of parents had uploaded scans to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for other users to guess whether their baby will be a boy or a girl.



A further fifth put pictures on parenting sites asking for others' opinions.




The fastest-growing scan analysis trend is the 'nub theory', which uses the 12-week scan picture to see what angle the nub - a small lump where the genitals will develop - is pointing.



The theory, used by one in ten, says if the baby's nub points up by 30 degrees or more it is a boy.



If it is less than 30 degrees it's a girl, with seven out of ten claiming the technique accurately predicted their baby's sex.



Meanwhile, six per cent said they tried the 'skull theory', with a square skull and jaw said to be a baby boy and a rounder skull a girl.



But seven out of ten expectant mums use the more traditional method to guess the sex of their baby by the shape of their bump.



If it is wider it is said to predict a girl, but if the bump protrudes more it could be a boy.



A third analysed their food cravings and half even tried to predict the gender by how sick they felt.



More unusual methods included a twelfth who looked at the size and shape of their breasts, and a fifth who used a Chinese Gender Calculator to guess the sex using conception date and the mother's age.

还有一些不太寻常的方法,包括有十二分之一的人会看孕妇乳房的大小和形状,有五分之一的人会用中国式胎儿性别预测器(Chinese Gender Calculator)来检测,这种方法主要以怀孕日期和母亲年龄为依据。


Overall, one in eight couples admitted they had tried to 'sway' the gender of their child to get their desired sex.



This included more than a third making love in a specific position.



Over a fifth had sex at set times of the month, with making love on the day of ovulation believed to be more likely to create a boy.



But if couples stop having sex three to four days before ovulation their efforts are more likely to produce a girl.



One in 16 couples also timed sex to match phases of the moon.



Many tried a 'gender diet', with one in seven mothers eating a diet said to influence the sex, along with a twelfth making their partner follow suit.



It is claimed a low calorie diet with lots of leafy green veg and fruit makes it more likely to have a girl, with brooding mothers-to-be skipping breakfast.



But for a boy, they should have a high calorie diet packed with potassium rich foods such as bananas, red meat and salty food. And breakfast is a must.



Netmums, which polled a total of 2,227 women, found 11 per cent now get early tests to find out the sex of the baby before the 20 week scan.



A further eight per cent booked a high-powered 14-week scan which is the first time the baby's gender is usually clear.



Netmums Managing Director Rimi Atwal, said: 'Selfies at 10 weeks gestation may seem strange but young mums use selfies at every step of their lives, so sharing scan pictures is the natural way to involve friends, families and even strangers in their pregnancy.

“妈妈网”的常务董事瑞米-阿特瓦尔(Rimi Atwal)表示:“在妊娠第10周发自拍看起来很奇怪,但年轻的妈妈们在生活中都离不开自拍,所以发布B超扫描照能很自然地让亲朋好友和陌生人都来了解她们怀孕的情况。”


'The popularity of the Nub Theory has created a huge community online with mums-to-be sharing others joy and supporting them as they go through the special time of pregnancy.'



刘沧龙分享:《权力的游戏》非法下载量三连冠 Game Of Thrones most popula

HBO’s hit drama Game Of Thrones continues to be the most popular among illegal downloaders, with the series amassing more than eight million downloads, according to new data.


Figures released by torrenting tracker TorrentFreak reveal that the show, which has been the most popular pirated show for three consecutive years, was followed by AMC’s zombie hit The Walking Dead, which saw 4.8m downloads.

由TorrentFreak(种子跟踪博客)发布的数据显示,盗版《权力的游戏》已经连续三年成为最受欢迎的剧集,AMC电视台的丧尸热播剧《行尸走肉》(The Walking Dead)以480万下载量排名第二。


The Wolf Of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s film about the life of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, was the most popular film among downloaders, being pirated30mtimes. It was followed closely by the Disney film Frozen and the 2014 remake of Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop, both of which were downloaded 29m times.

马丁•斯科塞斯(Martin Scorsese)的《华尔街之狼》(The Wolf Of Wall Street)非法下载量达3000万次,在非法下载的电影中最受欢迎。影片讲述了股票经纪人约旦•贝尔福特(Jordan Belfort)的传奇人生。紧随其后的是迪斯尼的《冰雪奇缘》(Frozen)和2014年翻拍自保罗•范霍文(Paul Verhoeven)的同名电影《机械战警》(RoboCop),二者的下载量均为2900万次。


The next season of Game Of Thrones is set to air in April at the same time as HBO’s new standalone streaming service, which will see the network try to offer an alternate way to stream the show after its current service, HBO Go, failed to have an impact on the popularity of illegal downloads.

下一季《权力的游戏》定于2015年4月开播。与此同时,由于HBO目前的HBO Go服务不如非法下载受大众欢迎,2015年HBO新的独立流媒体视频业务将为观众提供新的选择。


Thom Yorke, who has been an outspoken critic of streaming sites such as Spotify, was the most popular legally downloaded musician after he released an album on BitTorrent. The Radiohead front man released Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, his second solo album after 2006’s The Eraser, on the torrent site and managed 1.1m downloads in the first week of its release.

汤姆•约克(Thom Yorke)是一位在“声破天”(Spotify)等流媒体网页上的直言不讳的批评家。在比特流(BitTorrent)上发行新专辑后,他成为了合法下载网站上最受欢迎的音乐人。这位电台司令(Radiohead)主唱的专辑《明日摩盒》(Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes)是他自2006年《拭除》(The Eraser)之后的第二张个人专辑。《明日魔盒》在种子网站上发布的第一周,就取得了110万的下载量。

In September Yorke explained his reason for using the torrenting site was to experiment with alternatives to traditional formats.


“If it works well, it could be an effective way of handing some control of internet commerce back to people who are creating the work” he said, “enabling those people who make either music, video or any other kind of digital content to sell it themselves. Bypassing the self-elected gate-keepers. If it works, anyone can do this exactly as we have done.”


Yorke was ahead of EDM artist Diplo and rappers Ace Hood and DeLa Soulon the list, and offered his album for $6. Other musicians who have experimented with alternative release formats this year include Aphex Twin, who released his album Syro on the dark web ahead of its official release in September, while Yorke released his new single You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry on Bandcamp.

在销量排行榜上,约克领先EDM(电子舞曲风格)音乐人Diplo、说唱歌手Ace Hood和DeLa Soul,以6美元(约人民币37元)价格销售他的新专辑。2014年,其他尝试用新方式发行专辑的音乐家还有Aphex Twin等。Aphex Twin的专辑Syro在2014年9月正式发布,但是在这之前,他就尝试在暗网中发布了专辑链接;约克在Bandcamp音乐网站上发布了他的新单曲You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry。

刘沧龙分享:年轻人沦为“迷惘的一代” 东西坏了不会修 Young people are 'lost

Young people in Britain have become a lost generation who can no longer mend gadgets and appliances because they have grown up in a disposable world, the professor giving this year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures has warned.



Danielle George, Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering, at theUniversityofManchester, claims that the under 40s expect everything to ‘just work’ and have no idea what to do when things go wrong.



Unlike previous generations who would ‘make do and mend’ now young people will just chuck out their faulty appliances and buy new ones.



But Prof George claims that many broken or outdated gadgets could be fixed or repurposed with only a brief knowledge of engineering and electronics.



This year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are entitled ‘Sparkswill fly: How to hack your home’ she is hoping it will inspire people to think what else they can do with common household objects.



Ideas include using a magnifying glass and shoe box to turn a mobile phone into a rudimentary projector; how to use tin foil to make too small batteries fit correctly and how to turn a bottle of water into a lamp.



Prof George said: “We’ve got a lost generation that has grown up with factory electronics that just work all of the time.



“All of these things in our home do seem to work most of the time and because they don’t break we just get used to them. They have almost become like Black Boxes which never die. And when they do we throw them away and buy something new.



“But there is now a big maker community who are thinking hard about what we do with all of these gadgets. They are remaking and repurposing things.



“I talked to someone who had used some LEDs on his bike so that he could put up a message as he was cycling.”



Hundreds of websites have emerged in the last few years where users post ideas about home hacks and electronics.


刘沧龙分享:研究表明:社交媒体在增多,青少年交友却在减少So much for social med

Teenagers have fewer friends than 20 years ago, research has shown - despite the increasing popularity of social media.



A study carried out by experts at The University of Queensland in Australia, found teens felt less lonely than two decades ago – but that they have poorer social networks.

来自澳大利亚昆士兰州大学(The University of Queensland)的专家调查发现,尽管青少年的生活相比20年前孤独感在减少,但是他们的社交圈子越来越小。


A survey of more than 285,000 US high school students carried out between 1991 and 2012 found young people had fewer friends with whom to interact, but less desire for more friends.



The Globe and Mail quotes the findings of research, printed in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, which suggests economic changes may have prompted increased individuality among young people. 

《环球邮报》(The Globe and Mail)引用刊登在《个性和社会心理学学报》(the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin)上的调查结果指出:经济增长可能会促进年轻人个人主义的增长。


The authors behind the study, wrote: ‘Greater economic opportunities offer individuals more latitude to manage their own money, decide whom to date and decide whom to marry, reducing the influence of kin and giving people more autonomy, which may increase individualism.



‘Economic changes lead to increased individuality, which could lead to decreasing interest in friends, increasing self-reliance, increasing self-esteem and decreasing loneliness.’



Lead researcher, Dr David Clark said further research on cultures outside of the US would help determine if modernisation is the root cause of the observed results.

首席研究员大卫·克拉克(Dr David Clark)博士说,就现代化是否是造成已知结果的根本原因这一点,还有待在美国以外的其他文化中进一步研究。


He said: 'If other cultures show the same pattern of reduced loneliness in the face of poorer social networks, this would support the idea that modernisation is responsible.'



The findings come after a series of studies have shown that the growing use of social networking sites has had a negative affect on the quality of people's friendships.



A study from 2006 by sociologists at Duke University also showed that on average most adults only have two people they can talk to about the most important subjects in their lives while one quarter had no close confidants at all.

来自杜克大学(Duke University)的社会学家2006的一项研究也表明,平均来讲,大多数成年人只有两个真正的知己,而四分之一的人根本没有一个可以说知心话的人。

刘沧龙分享:世界健康大调查哪个国家最健康? How healthy is YOUR country

When it comes to being healthy, the world’s priority is getting more sleep rather than eating healthy food, exercising or taking vitamins, a poll has found.


Worldwide, 66 per cent of people get enough sleep, compared to 59 per cent who eat healthy food and 57 per cent who regularly exercise.


Indonesians and Indians are the most well-rested, with 85 and 77 per cent respectively reporting they get enough sleep.


 Meanwhile the Polish and Russians get by with the least shut-eye, with only 51 per cent and 52 per cent getting enough rest to maintain health.


The poll, by market research organisation GfK, questioned more than 28,000 in 23 countries on which activities they regularly do to maintain their physical health.


It found only that while sushi may be touted as a diet option, only 29 per cent of people in Japan say they eat healthy food.


And while curry is billed as a high-calorie Friday night treat, 79 per cent of people in India say they eat healthily.


Mexico and China have the highest number of people who exercise on a regular basis (68 per cent and 67 per cent), while Japan and Russia have fewer fitness fanatics (39 per cent and 40 per cent).


For the survey, GfK interviewed people aged 15 or older in 23 countries either online or face-to-face in summer 2014.


The countries included Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and the USA.


They were asked which activity they were most likely to carry out in order to maintain their physical health, from a list of 14 activities from sleep and exercise to unplugging from technology and meditating.


Their questioning revealed having a cosmetic procedure - whether surgical or non-surgical - was the least popular way of maintaining health, with only 6 per cent of people globally choosing to do this.


The study found stark differences between the sexes, especially when it comes to sun safety.


Globally, women are over twice as likely than men to use sunscreen than men, it found.


People in Brazil slather on the most suncream, at 46 per cent, while Australia and Spain both trail at 42 per cent.


And having children seems to make people more healthy. Parents get 2 per cent more sleep than non-parents and lead on eating healthy food by 8 per cent.


You might think running around after children would put parents in the lead on exercise, but in fact non-parents edged in front by 3 per cent.