Six-year-old Asha Cariss is an adorable grade 1 student from Melbourne, Australia. She attends a Catholic school so she has to wear a uniform. This uniform consists of a heavy tunic and thick stockings. Asha is having a hard time playing sports, running around with friends, doing normal kid activities in this dress and tights. (Duh.) But when her mom asked the school if she could wear pants as part of a uniform, the school allegedly turned her down. So now, she's starting a petition. 

adorable/əˈdɔːrəbəl/ adjective very attractive and easy to feel love for 可愛的;討人喜愛的 :What an adorable child! 多可愛的小孩呀!

tunic/ˈtjuːnɪk $ ˈtuː-/ noun [countable]a piece of women's clothing like a tunic, that reaches to the hips and is worn over trousers/ pants or a skirt (長至臀部,罩於褲或裙外的)女用短上衣 

turn somebody↔ down phrasal verbto refuse an offer, request, or invitation: 
They offered her the job but she turned it down.

Josie’s already turned him down (=refused his offer of marriage).



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