1、Chat with individuals/groups 聊天

There are many fun features including text and voice messaging, stickers, voice/video call, share insight (record up to 6 seconds live video), send red packet, transfer money, share location, create group chat and invite people to join.



2、Stickers 表情包

The sticker gallery is always updated to the current trends. You may easily find popular actors or singers as hot stickers.



3、WeChat Moments 微信朋友圈

WeChat moments is like newsfeed on Facebook. Besides the UI difference, comments are only accessible to people who are connected to each other on WeChat. 

朋友圈就像是Facebook 上边的动态消息。 除了用户界面上的不同,微信朋友圈的另一个特点是,评论只能对互为好友的人可见。


4、Red Packet 红包

Over 8 billion “red envelopes” were sent over WeChat during 2016 Chinese New Year. The money sent through Red Packets will be automatically transferred to the user’s WeChat Wallet so they can use it to pay for products and services on WeChat.



5、Shake 摇一摇

I shook my phone, it immediately showed me people who shook it at the same time, and some greeting messages from strangers. Besides that, when I want to know the name of a song, I can shake while it was played. Then the information of it would appear on the screen.



6、Subscription Accounts 订阅号

If your marketing strategy revolves around pushing content to users, subscription account can be just what you need. Companies can create interesting, useful and relevant content and show new products to members, to attract and retain users.



7、Message in a Bottle 漂流瓶

You can throw a bottle and record a message. When people picked it up, they can hear your voice and respond to it. Or you pick up messages-in-bottles from a stranger around the world.



8、Mobile banking and investment services 移动银行与投资服务

WeChat allows users to link bank cards to their WeChat account, where they can  set up mortgage auto pay and pay back their credit cards. In 2014, WeChat launched an online personal investment fund for its users in China.