Man finds pearl in fried scallop snack from Japanese convenience store

According to Japanese pop culture site RocketNews24, one shopper got more than he bargained for when he bought a packet of fried scallop snacks at a FamilyMart convenience store, only to find a pearl embedded within.



Twitter user Romy_canecry was enjoying his snack when he bit into something hard. What he thought was a foreign object turned out to be a white pearl.

推特用户Romy_canecry 在吃这款扇贝小吃时咬到了硬物,他原以为是异物,结果是一颗白色珍珠。


He wrote in Japanese: "I thought, 'Oh man there's something weird in here, but it turned out to be a pearl. Thank you, FamilyMart!"



Apparently, the packaging does include a warning about finding pearls in the scallop snack, highlighted in blue ink no less.




The text explains that on rare occasions, pearls may develop in the shellfish, producing a small white orb, and cautions customers to be careful when consuming the product.



According to RocketNews24, more than a few others expressed hope that they too, could find a gem the next time they chomp down on the seafood snack, losing a tooth or two notwithstanding.




packet: 小包,小袋

scallop: 扇贝

snack: 小吃,零食

embed: 嵌入,固定(在某物之中)

shellfish: 贝类水生动物

orb: 球,球状物

chomp: 大口嚼

notwithstanding: 尽管