刘沧龙分享:求职者注意:CV中莫用这些流行词 'Motivated', 'creative' an

They may be some of the most heavily-used terms by desperate hopefuls on The Apprentice, but new research suggests business buzzwords are actually a turn-off to potential employers.

有些词你总能从求职真人秀节目《飞黄腾达》(The Apprentice)中那些急切的候选者口中听到,但新研究表明,这种商业流行词事实上会让雇主对你失去兴趣。


Words including 'motivated', 'creative', 'enthusiastic' and 'passionate' came top of a poll for least liked words among recruiters.



The adjectives are so overused they have lost their meaning to employers, who are instead looking for applicants to describe themselves in more original ways.



The findings were released by professional social network LinkedIn. According to the website, the top five most overused words are 'motivated', 'creative', 'enthusiastic', 'passionate' and 'track record'.

该研究由职业社交网站LinkedIn发布。LinkedIn指出,滥用程度排名前五的词是“motivated”、“creative”、“enthusiastic”和“passionate”和“track record(成就记录)”。


These were followed by 'driven', 'extensive experience', 'wide range', 'responsible' and 'strategic'.

紧随其后的是“driven(发愤图强的)”、“extensive experience(经验丰富)”、“wide range(广泛)”、“responsible(有责任心的)”和“strategic(深谋远虑的)”。


The website's spokesman Darain Faraz said: 'It's really important that people are authentic on their profiles but you can help yourself – and boost your professional brand - by painting a more colourful picture and steering clear of the most predictable buzzwords.

该网站发言人达瑞因•法拉兹表示:“在履历里体现出真实的自己很重要,使用更生动具体的描述、避开常见的流行词可以帮到你,这还能提升你自身的专业形象。” '


With people taking more interest in their careers in January, it's never been more challenging to stand out from the crowd. Show individuality by including charity work and interests.'




heavily-used: 使用率高的

buzzword: 流行词语,行话

overuse: 滥用

track record: (个人、团体等在某方面的)成就记录

authentic: 真实的

steer clear of: 绕开,避开