刘沧龙分享:如何玩转Instagram 美国青少年支招 Here’s How to be Cool

Let’s face it: Instagram is a game; cutthroat and at times agonizing. Garnering likes and followers is no easy task unless you’re a Kardashian (or have dated one).



But your social media luck is about to change, because I have a social media whiz to help step up your Instagram game.



Who have I enlisted to “achieve Instagram fire,” in her own words? My teenage sister, Grace.



Let’s face it: Teenagers are tastemakers. My sister routinely breaks 150 likes on Instagram, no sweat, because she just GETS it. Thankfully she was able to take time out of her busy schedule and break down the science of Instagram for us “old” folk. Here’s what to do and, more important, what not to do on the image-sharing app.



These are the Rules of Instagram:



1. Timing is EVERYTHING.



Rule No. 1 of Instagram: You can’t post photos willy-nilly. Think of it like sneaking grapes at the grocery store when a clerk isn’t watching: TIMING IS EVERYTHING.



So when DO you actually post? Sunday evening is “prime time” for likes, according to my sister, because “everyone is bored and not doing homework.” I guess that applies to the real world too!



When not to post? Mornings! The likes are “weird and sporadic.”



2. Also, don’t post too much.



 I don’t care how much you’re feeling your look. No one needs to see eight pictures from your date night out with bae. This isn’t a buffet; we want small, indulgent morsels of your life. Remember, as my sister recommends, “You can’t give the people too much or they will be over it real quick.”



If you’re posting three to four times a week, my sister says to “reevaluate your life” and “chill a bit.” I see no lies!!!



3. BUT if it is a big week in your life, feel free to post more than usual.



 Of course, there’s always the exception to the rule. After all, Instagram was meant to chronicle important moments in your life. The social media gods shouldn’t punish you for having a lot going on! Just remember to take it easy after, my sister said.



If it’s Rush, or Homecoming, or the holidays, “don’t feel bad for instaing a lot. It happens,” according to my sister. “Just make sure you chill out afterwards and let the people want more.”



4. Selfies have STRICT rules.



You can’t spell “selfie” without “sel” (minus an “l”), so think of it this way: You’re selling your look. By the simple capitalist laws of supply and demand you need to leave the people wanting more, according to my sister.



Basically, don’t just go around throwing up random selfies like the world is ending tomorrow. It’s not a cute look. Here’s what my sister had to say about selfies:



a. Be “spontaneous and fun.”



b. “Not all the time” aka DO THEM SPARINGLY. “If you think you look good in a selfie fine Instagram it but wait a while before you do it again.”



c. Selfies are “not to be taken seriously.”



d. “Selfies should only be when you have a GOOD one.”