刘沧龙分享:逗比求职者“业余爱好”笑翻HR Bosses warn hapless jobseek

Hapless jobseekers are listing sleeping, watching TV and even browsing Facebook on their CVs, according to a poll.



The pointless pastimes listed as 'outside interests' also include making milkshakes, online dating and eating takeaways.



Bosses said applicants risk being laughed out of the job market and should spend their spare time picking up more useful skills.



Updating Facebook was named the worst interest on CVs in a survey of 1,000 HR specialists.



Shopping and playing with pets came next, followed by going out with friends, sleeping and watching TV.



Eating, collecting random objects, texting and being a Harry Potter fan completed the top ten.



The poll was carried out by the Army Reserve.

此次调查由英国陆军预备队(Army Reserve)发起。


Major-General Ranald Munro, the British Army's senior reservist, said: 'This research has revealed that many Brits aren't spending their free time taking part in worthwhile activities that can help them stand out from the crowd and benefit them in the workplace.

英国陆军(British Army)高级预备役军人、少将拉纳尔德·芒罗(Ranald Munro)称:“这项研究表明,很多英国人没有把业余时间花在有价值的活动上,而有价值的业余爱好可以让脱颖而出,也能帮助大家在职场获益。”