刘沧龙分享:男人女人都喜欢看什么电视节目? New figures reveal the most

If you have ever fought over the TV remote with your partner, you are in good company – the whole nation is, apparently, having a similar battle.



In fact, it seems men and women disagree over almost everything on the box, according to the first detailed analysis breaking down viewing habits by gender.



It showed that men – perhaps unsurprisingly – spent much of the year glued to sports.



Apart from a single episode of Sherlock on New Year’s Day, the ten biggest male TV audiences were for World Cup football matches, with England’s clash against Italy in June top of the list with 8.2million watching. 

除了在新年播出的一集《神探夏洛克》(Sherlock)以外,最受英国男观众喜爱的十大电视节目都是世界杯(World Cup)足球赛,其中六月的一场英国对意大利的比赛收视率最高,有820万人观看。


Women, meanwhile, preferred shows about cookery and childbirth.



The Great British Bake Off final in October got the biggest female audience of the year, with 7.8million tuning in, compared with 4.8million men.

今年十月《英国家庭烘焙大赛》(The Great British Bake Off)的决赛获得了最多女性观众的支持,有780万左右,相比之下男性观众只有480万。


Bake Off and the BBC drama Call The Midwife accounted for nine of the top ten female audiences of the year, with Strictly Come Dancing also among their favourites.

烘焙大赛和BBC电视剧《呼叫助产士》(Call The Midwife)占了年度最受女性欢迎的十大电视节目中的九个席位,此外《舞动奇迹》(Strictly Come Dancing)也备受她们喜爱。


Even within genres, men and women are at odds. 



The figures, compiled by the research company Attentional, show women’s favourite soap was Coronation Street on ITV, while men narrowly preferred the BBC’s grittier EastEnders.

根据Attention公司的调查数据显示,女性最喜爱的肥皂剧是在英国独立电视台(ITV)播出的《加冕街》(Coronation Street),而男性只喜欢BBC的电视剧常青树《伦敦东区》(EastEnders)。


The top TV dramas for men were those featuring crime and intrigue, such as Sherlock and Doctor Who, or swashbuckling action, such as BBC1’s The Musketeers.

有关犯罪和悬疑的电视剧是男观众的首选,比如《神探夏洛克》和《神秘博士》(Doctor Who);或者是惊险刺激的动作片,比如BBC一台播出的《火枪手》(The Musketeers)。


With 300,000 more male than female fans, Doctor Who was the only mainstream drama to score more highly overall with men than women, who generally watch more TV.



For drama, women preferred the gentler historical charms of Call The Midwife and Downton Abbey.

而女性偏爱《呼叫助产士》和《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)这类富有历史魅力的电视剧。


One of the few things men and women agreed on was that Graham Norton was the best chat show host.

男人和女人在某些方面仍有共识,其中之一就是格雷厄姆·诺顿(Graham Norton)是最优秀的聊天节目主持人。


For men, the best Saturday night entertainment show of the year was Britain’s Got Talent on ITV, while among women it was the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

对于男观众来说,周六晚最棒的娱乐节目就是英国独立电视台的《英国达人秀》(Britain’s Got Talent),但女观众最想看BBC的《舞动奇迹》。