The lovable teddy bear can be found allaround the world. You can find it not only in toy stores, but also on T-shirts,posters and more. Do you know how the teddy bear got its name?

On November 14, 1902, US PresidentTheodore Roosevelt went to Mississippi to solve a problem. After a day's work,Roosevelt went hunting. However, he was unhappy because he couldn't find anybig game to shoot during the hunt. Legend has it that his host wanted thehunting trip to be successful, so he went out and found a bear cub and tied itto a tree for Roosevelt to shoot. But Roosevelt refused and asked him to set itfree.

After hearing about this, artist CliffordBerryman drew a cartoon of Roosevelt and the bear. He then published thecartoon in The Washington Post.

A few days later, a shopkeeper saw thecartoon and had his wife make many toy bears based on the bear in the cartoon.They named them after Roosevelt’s nickname Teddy. In early 1903, they soldthese teddy bears in the shop and many people came to buy them.





1. Theodore

Roosevelt: 西奥多•罗斯福(1858年—1919年),人称老罗斯福,昵称泰迪(Teddy)。美国历史学家、政治家,第26任总统。他的独特个性和改革主义政策,使他成为美国历史上最伟大的总统之一。

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4. shopkeeper: 店主,老板。