刘沧龙分享:“隐形男友”App:让白马王子对你不离不弃 Invisible Boyfriend a

Sending yourself flowers from your imaginary boyfriend is a thing of the past.



Whether you are lonely or just plain sick of explaining why you are single, the Invisible Boyfriend (or Invisible Girlfriend) app created by Matthew Homann and Kyle Tabor allows users to experience the fake relationships of their dreams.

马修·霍曼(Matthew Homann)和凯尔·塔博尔(Kyle Tabor)发明了一款应用程序“隐形男友”(或“隐形女友”),这款App能让单身男女们与理想的另一半“假拍拖”,使寂寞无聊和被无休止盘问为何单身等烦恼烟消云散。


For $24.99 a month you can immediately feel the effects of a rewarding virtual partner with the app designed to send users texts, voicemails and even a handwritten note from the perfect person that they created. When FEMAIL learned that the Minnesota-based app had launched in BETA today, we knew we had to try it.





First up, I had to pick my lover's name and age. I soon learned that choosing your boyfriend's name is stressful. I imagine that I took the same amount of time someone would take to name their first born son before finally settling on the moniker: Liam Alexander James.

首先,我要设定男友的名字和年龄。我很快发现给选名字这个环节很让人崩溃,大约跟人们给自己第一个儿子取名一样费时。最后我终于敲定:利亚姆·亚历山大·詹姆斯(Liam Alexander James)。


Age was easier to dream up. My current boyfriend is nine months younger than me, which he never lets me forget. With that in mind, I made my new partner an older, more mature 33 years old.



I was then prompted to pick a photo that would represent Liam's appearance. I settled on the stock photo of a man with an attractive amount of facial scruff and moved on.



After dealing with the physical, I was asked about my virtual partner's personality and interests. I knew I wanted him to be 'witty and educated,' so it made sense for him to also be interested in books, sports and chess. For one fleeting moment, I thought he might be able to teach me how to play the board game.



Next, I was asked to describe how Liam and I met. This was my moment to create a Nora Ephron-inspired rom com, but instead, I wrote that we grabbed the same book that was on display at the bookstore. Cute enough. Did I mention this app is thorough?