刘沧龙分享:当超级马里奥遇上人工智能 This Artificially Intelligent M

Anybody can make Mario, Nintendo’s world-famous little plumber, race through the Mushroom Kingdom, chasing coins. But what if Mario could do it on his own?



That’s the goal of the Mario A.I. Project: to develop an artificially intelligent Mario agent that becomes aware of himself and his environment, making decisions about what to do based on spoken instructions.



Built by members of the Cognitive Modeling Group at Germany’s University of Tubingen, the Mario A.I. Project has released a video demonstrating and explaining the initiative. And while the team’s progress seems to be slow, it’s pretty cool to think of this most-famous of game characters having a will of his own.

这一项目由德国蒂宾根大学(University of Tubingen)的认知模型组成员研发,目前已发布了一段演示和解释视频。尽管项目进展看似缓慢,但想到马里奥这个超人气游戏角色将拥有自己的思维,还是非常酷的一件事。


Using Carnegie-Mellon’s Sphinx speech-recognition toolkit, the video’s narrator explains, Mario can understand a large number of English sentences and commands. Based on a huge logic and grammar tree the team built, he can answer things about what he knows based on what he’s been told and can take actions based on what he’s learned.



He can even make decisions based on his emotions or his needs. For example, if Mario’s hungry, he’ll chase coins. If he’s just feeling curious, he’ll explore the Mushroom Kingdom, autonomously gathering knowledge about items he doesn’t know much about yet.




plumber: 水管工

A.I. (artificial intelligence): 人工智能

cognitive: 认知的

toolkit: 工具包

curious: 好奇的